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Our History

The Warrior Focus Foundation was born out of necessity.


In 2015 a school teacher approached our Spartan Race team during an event and asked us to train her students as part of an extracurricular program.  She understood the value of OCR and these students really needed it.  

The only issue is that these families did not have a way to fund the traning, much less the expensive races, so we took them under our wing. 

Throughout the weeks of training, these student's mentality evolve from that of a victims to that of an athletes, leaders and ultimately ...Warriors


The students that walked through the door on day one  was not the same as the  ones that crossed the finish. They were forever moved, and our calling was made clear.


This Will Change The World. 

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is one of the few non-barrier sports available today. Anyone can participate regardless of age, gender, skill, or location.



  • Builds Self Esteem

  • Teaches Critical Life Skills

  • Promotes Teamwork 

  • Provides a Sense of Belonging

  • Builds Mental Toughness

The obstacles on the course are no different than the obstacles in our lives.


Through racing, we build confidence in children and show them that nothing in life is insurmountable. 

Why OCR?

The Warrior Focus Foundation's primary training facility is inside Focused Movement Academy (FMA)  in Miami Florida. 

The 6500 SF Facility houses over 30 different obstacles designed to challenge, excite, and motivate children and adults. 

The Warrior Focus Foundation sponsors group  training Sessions 5+ times a week at FMA as well as collaborations with local charities and organizations.

For many Warrior Focus Foundation Athletes, FMA has become their second home - and they are welcomed with open arms. 

our home

Coaches + Mentors

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Christian Bizzotto

David Forman

Pep Menendez